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Trotter Multicultural Center: Much More Than A Building


One of the 1st demands by BAM in 1971 was to open a center for minority students. 50 years later in 2014, BSU demanded the University to build a multicultural center on Central Campus. In April 2019, it finally came to fruition.

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Dissenting Voices of the Felony Disclosure Policy


Catherine talks with student activists tans PCAP lecturer about the possible side effects of the University’s Felony Disclosure policy

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We Talk About the Juul


Sonya Vogel and Jon Coonan talk all things juul including an interview from Bongs and Thongs owner Mohammad Hassan about the vaping trend in Ann Arbor. Angelina Brede discusses her story on animal negligence.

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About the False Active Shooter Alert


he Daily Weekly talks with students who had to flee the Diag during the false shooter alert and a communication-psychologist expert about the dissemination of rumors.

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