The Michigan Daily’s limited series podcasts are a collection of projects sparked by staffer’s passions about a specific topic. The current series available are: 1) Apodcalypse — A series brought to you by the entire Michigan Daily Podcast team (Arts, Interrupted, Highway to Hail, The Daily Weekly and Pass the MiC) that looks into how COVID-19 has affected culture as a whole. 2) She Hit It First- A journey through Women's history at the University of Michigan. The Michigan Daily and What the F Magazine guide you through the stories of our forbearers in honor of Women's History Month. 3) Things Men Ruined- A discussion about the intersection of culture and sexual harassment & assault. This series explores various fields including, but not limited to film, television, comedy, athletics, theatre and music.

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Apodcalypse: Highway to Hail Part 1


In Part 1 of this special aPODcalypse edition, senior editor Ben Katz discusses the effects COVID-19 has had on Michigan Athletics. Plus, an interview with Assistant Director of Athletic Counseling, Abigail Eiler, to learn how student athletes are coping.

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