The Michigan Daily’s limited series podcasts are a collection of projects sparked by staffer’s passion about a specific topic. The current series available are: 1) She Hit It First- A journey through Women's history at the University of Michigan. The Michigan Daily and What the F Magazine guide you through the stories of our forbearers in honor of Women's History Month. 2) Things Men Ruined- A discussion about the intersection of culture and sexual harassment & assault. This series explores various fields including, but not limited to film, television, comedy, athletics, theatre and music.

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She Hit It First: From Muses to Makers


This episode, we’re shifting our focus to the 1st women in various branches of art at UofM, we interviewed Sara Krulwich of The Daily and Jennifer Spears of WTF magazine to delve into the history of other women who hit it first.

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She Hit It First: Our Founding Mothers


This episode welcomes you to She Hit It First with a history of the very first female students, educators, and admin on campus, featuring interviews with U-M's first female president Mary Sue Coleman and first deal of LSA Edie Goldenburg

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She Hit It First: Introducing She Hit It First


Meet Catherine, Meghan, Lia, and Sam as they introduce themselves and the new limited series podcast for Women's History Month.

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Things Men Ruined: We need a Disney princess who ...


For the third episode of Things Men Ruined, Emily and Natalie look at Fairytales and the role they’ve played in shaping gender roles and the everlasting effect they’ve had on the public imagination.

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Things Men Ruined: The Casting Couch


In their second episode of Things Men Ruined, Emily and Natalie take a look at the phenomenon of the casting couch and how it came to reinforce salacious behavior on the part of Hollywood executives.

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Things Men Ruined: An introduction


Welcome to the inaugural episode of Things Men Ruined! In this episode, Emily and Natalie revisit the year 2017 by taking a look at its political and cultural milestones and asking the question: Was 2017 a woman’s revolution?

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