Meet Anurima, Dierra, Monica, Inés, and Rashika as they highlight people of color on the University of Michigan's campus and in today's popular culture. Listen in on special guest speakers as they chat, snap, and clap-back to relevant issues. Get vulnerable, get comfortable, and get ready to Pass the MiC.

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Latinx Heritage Month


This week Inés spoke with Julianna Collado (she/hers) for Latinx Heritage Month. We featured poet Aldo Pando Girard (he/they). To stay updated on Latinx Heritage Month events, follow @umich_lhm on Instagram, or email La Casa:

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Climate Change


This week’s episode features two students Dhruv Tatke and Erik Anderson about climate justice and the history of climate change. Our creative of color is a visual artist named Emmen Ahmed, found on Instagram @emmenjaan or

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Intersections of Race and Health + More


This week’s episode comprises various segments recorded at the end of last semester. We sit down to talk about the intersections of black, queer identities within our healthcare system and enjoy some tunes from the band ModernBlue.

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In this episode, Nada Eldawy (she/her/hers), one of the MiC editors, takes over to speak with Khadega Mohammed (she/her/hers) about the uprising in Sudan. This episode was recorded during the internet blackout. Mohammed's Twitter: @TheKhadegaMo

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A/PIA Heritage Month


In honor of APIA Heritage month, we welcome two members of UAAO to speak about their Asian heritage and what being Asian means to them. You can contact us at,, and if you have any questions.

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We discussed Jordan Peele's acclaimed movie, Us, with fellow MiC editors. We analyze conspiracy theories, themes, characters, and more.

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Mental Health in Communities of Color


In this week's episode, we discuss shame surrounding mental health within communities of color, family reactions, and more. Our wonderful guests tell their personal journeys dealing with mental health & how they cope with the stigmas in their communities.

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In Solidarity: Part 2


In part 2 another Muslim student joings the conversation as we direct our discussion towards the administration at UofM and the Muslim community on campus. You can find our Creative of Color on Instagram @yuna.

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In Solidarity: Part 1


In light of the New Zealand shooting and the false active shooter alert that disrupted the vigil last Saturday, part 1 highlights 2 Muslim students on campus, and breaks down the MiC statement of solidarity to white students & non-Muslim PoC communities.

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Black History Month


Happy Black History Month from Pass the MiC! In this week's episode, we invited guests from differing identities of Blackness to talk about Black History Month. We explored the ideas of Black unity, Black History education, and more.

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